CitruShield® is a proprietary blend of biological substances and compounds applied directly to citrus
trees by foliar spray application to aid recovery from HLB, increase fruit yields, and relieve tree
CitruShield® efficiently translocates water and nutrient materials into leave tissue and bark
enhancing the tree’s ability to absorb nutrients.
CitruShield® contains C100®, a GBC NanoBlend®
formulation, and other biological and anti-bacterial ingredients, that aids in the tree’s growth creating
larger roots, improving water absorption, increase fruit set, larger and improved flush, and improved
tolerance for heat and cold.
CitruShield® is formulated and blended as a micro-nanotechnology
biostimulant using a proprietary
NanoBlend® process to enhance growth and production improving
immunity for trees against disease and premature death.
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Key Benefits:
  • Effective Insect control
  • Effective against most forms of fungi
  • Improves nutrient availability and uptake
  • Enhances nutrient use efficiency
  • Promotes root growth and development
  • Improves production performance
  • Low price reducing production cost per acre
Product Features:
  • Used at low volumes
  • Consistent performance across soil types
  • Compatible with dry and liquid fertilizers
  • Completely soluble in water
  • Contains no harmful acids or caustics
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • No health, safety, and environmental risks
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Vernie Pickardt, Pickhardt Professional
Services --
“I have worked in the industry for
44 years and I can tell you my trees and my
clients trees where all dying up to February of
2016. That's when I discovered CitruSolve.
Citrus greening and insects are a thing of the
past. The trees are growing, increasing
production, and my clients are elated. My
residential citrus business is growing again.
Thank You CitruSolve!"
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Foliar Nutrient
CitruShield® includes C-100 to effectively and efficiently translocate a blend of
biostimulant materials directly to the tree, quickly penetrating leaf tissue. It will control
insects, most diseases and fungi, and provide much needed nutrition by folair spray to
trees suffering from HLB.
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Our products are sold FACTORY DIRECT to the end user, with NO DISTRIBUTION COSTS. Typical
distribution costs can be as much as 60%, AND, on top of that most distributors add an addition
delivery fee or shipping charges. That all adds up to a lot of costs in a product that simply adds no
value. By selling
FACTORY DIRECT we can offer a high quality product for less, adding value, and
delivered as the customer requires.
Foliar fertilization has become important as growers are seeking to improve nutrient use efficiency,
reduce losses to leaching and runoff, and fight pests and diseases. In sandy and calcareous soils,
foliar applied fertilizers are 4 to 20 times more effective when compared with soil applied fertilizers.

Advantages of foliar feeding
  • When properly conducted, foliar fertilization was found to:
  • increase yield
  • enhance fruit quality
  • provide drought tolerance
  • improve tolerance to diseases and pests
  • Foliar feeding was found to increase yield from 12 to 25% compared with conventional
Foliar applications in late December to early January (six to eight weeks before bloom) have been
demonstrated to increase flowering, fruit set and fruit production. Postbloom foliar applications have
Today, foliar feeding is playing an important role in Florida citrus production. It is rapidly gaining ground
as a nutritional supplement to soil-applied fertilizers to improve yield and fruit quality, particularly in the
face of HLB (citrus greening). Foliar nutrition is also a very important and effective way of addressing
diagnosed problems with specific deficiencies observed within the grove and a best management
strategy for supplying micronutrients..